Learning Objective: Students will learn when it is appropriate to speak up when a fellow classmate is displaying dangerous behaviors that could cause harm to themselves or others, and when to ignore disruptive behavior from other students in the classroom.

Grade Level:
Mindset Standards:
    3.Positive attitude toward work and learning
Behavior Standards-Learning Strategies:
    1.Critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions
    2.Creative approach to learning, tasks and problem solving
Behavior Standards-Self-Management Skills:
    1.Responsibility for self and actions
    2.Self-discipline and self-control
Behavior Standards-Social Skills:
    2.Positive, respectful and supportive relationships with students who are similar to and different from them
    8.Advocacy skills for self and others and ability to assert self, when necessary
    9.Social maturity and behaviors appropriate to the situation and environment
English & Language Arts Common Core Standards:

Subcategories for English Language Arts:

Math Common Core Standards:

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