Learning Objective: Students will research and plan for their future profession. This includes looking into certain professional careers, approaches to get to the career, and what degree is required.

Grade Level:
Mindset Standards:
    3.Positive attitude toward work and learning
    4.Self-confidence in ability to succeed
    6.Understanding that postsecondary education and life-long learning are necessary for long-term success
Behavior Standards-Learning Strategies:
    1.Critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions
    4.Self-motivation and self- direction for learning
    7.Long- and short-term academic, career and social/emotional goals
Behavior Standards-Self-Management Skills:
    1.Responsibility for self and actions
    2.Self-discipline and self-control
    5.Perseverance to achieve long- and short-term goals
Behavior Standards-Social Skills:
    5.Ethical decision-making and social responsibility
    8.Advocacy skills for self and others and ability to assert self, when necessary
English & Language Arts Common Core Standards:

Subcategories for English Language Arts:

Math Common Core Standards:

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