What is SCALE?

The School Counseling Analysis, Leadership and Evaluation (SCALE) Research Center is an interactive tool focusing on the facilitation and dissemination of school counseling research evidence-based practices demonstrating the connection between comprehensive and developmental school counseling programs and student success.

The SCALE Research Center is developed and maintained by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). ASCA empowers school counselors with the knowledge, skills, linkages and resources to promote student success in the school, the home, the community and the world.

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Latest Research

“If We Don’t Define Our Roles, Someone Else Will”: Professional Advocacy in School Counseling

May 16, 2019 Practitioner Summary

To better understand how they are engaging in professional advocacy, school counselors were interviewed and surveyed about their experiences. The study focused on two research questions: (1) What are school counselors’ experiences engaging in professional advocacy? and (2) What effect...

Attention Problems and Mindfulness: Examining a School Counseling Group Intervention With Elementary School Students

May 16, 2019 Practitioner Summary

Students who struggle with attention problems may encounter difficulties in their academic performance and social relationships. The researchers used a single-case design to examine the effectiveness of the Mindfulness-Based Attention Group for Children (MBAG-C) with elementary school students (N =...

Does RAMP Matter? Comparing Elementary Student Grades and Absences in One District

May 13, 2019 Practitioner Summary

Elementary school is a critical time for students to develop academic skills and habits that will be important to their future success. As early as elementary school, indicators of school disengagement, including poor academic achievement and low attendance, can predict...

Potential Stressors of Undocumented Latinx Youth: Implications and Recommendations for School Counselors

May 7, 2019 Practitioner Summary

Within the past five years, immigration rates among undocumented immigrants have risen due to political, economic, and educational instability in their home countries. The immigration process for undocumented youth can often result in multiple stressors including a sense of loss...

Helping Students Who Stutter: Interprofessional Collaboration Between Speech-Language Pathologists and School Counselors

April 17, 2019 Practitioner Summary

Students who stutter (SWS) may experience challenges in their social and emotional development that can lead to academic struggles in school. Students who stutter are perceived as being shyer, withdrawn, anxious, insecure, isolated and tense, and are frequent targets for...

An Implementation of a Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program to Address Student Mental Health Needs: A Pilot Study in an Afterschool Program

March 18, 2019 Practitioner Summary

Many elementary aged students are either diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or display symptoms that indicate they are at-risk, which can negatively impact academic and social-emotional progress within school. Schools, particularly school counselors, often provide the primary mental health support...