Research Partner

As part of its effort to support researchers seeking to advance scholarship in the field of school counseling, American School Counselor Association helps connect university-based faculty and researchers with school counselors willing to participate in research studies or who wish to partner in joint work. If you are conducting a study, if you would like to partner on a study, or if you have data to share, please complete either the Researcher or Volunteer form below and you may find a partner for your work.


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Amanda Winburn
Nicole Ellis
Shaun Sowell
Stephanie Robertson
Amy Moran
Randall Astramovich
Rachel Burlet
Judy Hughey
Maureen Kenny
Kenya Bledsoe
Slistix Slistix
GovaEmove GovaEmove
accefew accefew
embaraf embaraf

Volunteer Participants

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Pam Janney
Karen Thomas
Erika Tanner
Meredith Deemer
Selena Turnipseed
Dawn Tillery
Taylor Wagonseller
Sobha VijayaKumar
Regina Cornell
Gloria Gutierrez
Leah Anderson
Lisa Forte
Stephanie Howard
Justin Fults