Practitioner Summaries

The following are summaries of research published in ASCA's Professional School Counseling journal. Read the highlights here and visit for the full text. Use the search function to search summaries by topic area.

Spotlighting Stigma and Barriers: Examining Secondary Students’ Attitudes toward School Counseling Services

November 16, 2018 Practitioner Summary

Despite the proven effectiveness of counseling for middle school and high school students, research has also identified a consistent reluctance on the part of many adolescents to seek and accept therapeutic help (e.g., Chandra & Minkovitz, 2006; Del Mauro & Williams, 2013).  An important step in delivering effective school counseling services in middle schools and high schools is to better understand the reasons why students may be reluctant to see...


Developing a Comprehensive School Suicide Prevention Program

October 24, 2018 Practitioner Summary

In this manuscript, the authors offer school counselors four types of research-supported suicide prevention programs, as well as a common standard for the development of an effective comprehensive school suicide prevention program using a five-step process, and frames these approaches within the ASCA National Model (2012a). Schools can be ideal places to provide suicide intervention programs for youth. Although no evidence-based packaged program exists to apply across schools, literature does...


Transformative School Counselor Leadership: An Intrinsic Case Study

October 22, 2018 Practitioner Summary

This case study explored the dynamics of a professional development opportunity designed to support school counselors’ transformative leadership practices as equity-centered change agents. Throughout the professional development, participants reflected on their individual and collective identities in relation to the populations at their schools; identified the inequitable discourse at their schools and opportunities for change; brainstormed ways to hold themselves, other stakeholders, and the school community accountable for change; and discussed...


Remixing the School Counselor’s Tool Kit: Hip-Hop Spoken Word Therapy and YPAR

October 5, 2018 Practitioner Summary

In the 1970s, hip hop culture arose as a mechanism for speaking up about the challenging conditions faced by many minority groups, often due to the absence of resources in education and mental health in those communities (Chang, 2005). Building off the power and potential of hip hop culture, Hip Hop and Spoken Word Therapy (HHSWT) can be used to explore emotions, and expose coping or defensive mechanisms, through the...


Competence in Program Evaluation and Research Assessed by State School Counselor Licensure Examinations

September 21, 2018 Practitioner Summary

To encourage the development and implementation of sound laws and government policies that affect practice, school counselors and counselor educators need to engage in advocacy for the profession. For decades, there has been a general consensus that school counselors need to develop expertise in program evaluation and research in order to practice effectively, yet professional consensus on the essential competencies in both areas has yet to solidify and some confusion...


Evidence-Based School Counseling: Models for Integrated Practice and School Counselor Education

September 20, 2018 Practitioner Summary

School counselor and school counselor educators have an ethical responsibility to use and to teach evidence-based practices (EBP). Unfortunately, although EBP has been widely adopted in education and social service professions, and accrediting bodies and ethical boards are calling for EBP across our profession, too often EBP is not taught by school counselor educators or implemented by school counselors in practice. In general, EBP reflects a three-step process of (a)...


¡Adelante! A Community Asset Mapping Approach to Increase College and Career Readiness for Rural Latinx High School Students

September 20, 2018 Practitioner Summary

Grounded in the Asset-Based Community Development framework that stipulates that people and organizations can be utilized as resources, community asset mapping is a tool that school counselors may use to locate resources to meet the needs of families, schools, and communities. This article provides insight into using community asset mapping to locate and secure resources, which can then be leveraged to build school-family-community partnerships. As a way to demonstrate how...


“Lead by Example”: A Phenomenological Study of School Counselor-Principal Team Experiences with LGBT Students

August 16, 2018 Practitioner Summary

This phenomenological study explored the collaborative experiences between school counselors and principals in their work with LGBT students. The school counselor-principal teams in this study reported four themes with respect to their collaborative advocacy experiences for LGBT youth: (a) learning through storytelling, (b) “leading by example”, (c) creating intentional partnerships, and (d) “pushing the system.” This study can be used by school counselor-principal teams to guide their partnerships and collaborative...


Understanding Asian American Student Achievement

August 3, 2018 Practitioner Summary

The purpose of this study was to examine how the networks and empowerment of Asian immigrant parents were related to their children’s academic performance using a large national dataset (i.e., the PFI-NHES: 2007). This study used a parent empowerment framework (Kim, 2012; Kim & Bryan, 2017), which conceptualized parent empowerment as having six components, that is, parents’ sense of meaning, consciousness, competence, self-determination, community belonging, and community participation. We found...


Developing and Sustaining a Regional School Counselor Leadership Team

July 5, 2018 Practitioner Summary

Coordinating resources and generating ideas through effective collaboration via a school counselor leadership team has shown much promise (Gysbers, 2006; Young & Bryan, 2015). Therefore, practitioners and stakeholders may find it beneficial to gain insight into the development and sustainability of a regional school counselor leadership team (RSCLT). Practicing school counselors as well as directors or supervisors of school counselors may benefit from this study by gaining awareness of a collaborative...